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What is the difference between the AMGEN FIRST STEP Program and the NEULASTA/NEUPOGEN FIRST STEP Program, Nplate FIRST STEP Program, Prolia FIRST STEP Program, and XGEVA FIRST STEP Program?

The AMGEN FIRST STEP Program is the main umbrella program under which each individual, product-specific program falls. For easy reference, the product-specific-programs are referred to collectively as the AMGEN FIRST STEP Program. All of the AMGEN FIRST STEP Program eligibility requirements, terms, conditions and limitations apply equally to all of the product-specific programs.

Do I have to enroll in both the AMGEN FIRST STEP Program and the product specific program?

No. Eligible patients enroll only in the product-specific-program associated with their Amgen product.

Is there a limit or cap on Amgen FIRST STEP Program benefits?

Yes, The Amgen FIRST STEP Program will reimburse an eligible patient’s combined total deductible, co-pay and/or co-insurance requirements up to $5,000 per patient, per six-month-program-period, with the exception of Prolia® which will be reimburse up to $1,500 per 6 month period. The six-month-program-period runs from January 1 through June 30, and July 1 through December 31. After that, the six month-program-benefit period renews on January 1and every six-months thereafter until the program ends.

Where and for how long is the Amgen FIRST STEP Program card valid?

Once registered, the Amgen FIRST STEP Program Card is valid for the enrolled patient’s entire course of treatment. There is no re-enrollment necessary.

Why are un-insured cash-paying patients not eligible for The Amgen FIRST STEP Program?

The Amgen FIRST STEP Program is intended to help commercially-insured patients cover the cost of their co-insurance or co-payment obligations for Neulasta® (pegfilgrastim) , NEUPOGEN® (filgrastim), Nplate® (romiplostim), Prolia®(denosumab), and XGEVA®(denosumab). Uninsured patients requiring assistance may contact The Safety Net Foundation at 1-888-SN-AMGEN to request assistance.

Can The Amgen FIRST STEP Program MasterCard® be used with mail order and specialty pharmacies?

No, The Amgen FIRST STEP Program only applies to patients receiving treatment in a physician’s clinic or institution that is billed under the patient’s medical benefit. The program does not cover deductibles, co-insurance or co-payments for Neulasta®, NEUPOGEN® , Nplate®, Prolia®, and XGEVA® purchased at a specialty or retail pharmacy and then administered at a physician’s clinic or institution.

Does the Explanation of Benefits(EOB) have to be faxed after each dose?

Ongoing eligibility in the program is contingent on submission of the patient’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) within 45 days of each and every swipe of Amgen FIRST STEP co-pay coupon

What if there is a delay in getting the EOB?

If EOB is not received within 45 days the card will be inactive. If you require any further extension on a specific case call the Help Desk at 1-888-65-STEP1 (1-888-657-8371).